Booker T Compares WWE Star To 'A Young Miz'

Grayson Waller has been placed in several prominent positions as of late, from wrestling Edge to being involved in a promo segment with John Cena. The attention has certainly been on the former "WWE NXT" Superstar, and during his latest "Hall Of Fame" podcast, Booker T compared Waller to a young version of The Miz. "He's definitely had that Miz appeal," Booker said. "He's a guy that can go out there and talk very, very well, his wrestling ability is good enough to pass the smell test as far as I'm concerned. One thing he has more than anything is star appeal, that's what I like with this kid, he has star appeal. You want to love to hate this dude." 

Booker got to see Waller firsthand during his time on the black and gold brand, and that is why the five-time WCW Champion isn't surprised by the opportunities that Waller has been given, and he believes that he's made the most of them and handled the pressure. "I said he's mature enough to make it on the main roster, I thought he fit right in on the main roster," Booker said. "I'm not surprised that they're positioning him this way ... Going out there and doing the stuff with Edge, he did a great job, his talking, the way he carries himself, he's doing a great job. I see nothing wrong that Grayson Waller's doing thus far."

Booker also believes that Waller wouldn't be given the chances he has without the likes of Edge and Cena wanting to share the ring with him, showcasing the faith that talent has in him already.

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