Vince Russo Reveals His Worst Booking Idea, Explains Why It Didn't Work

Former wrestling creative Vince Russo knows what the worst booking idea he ever had was, and he's got a pretty good idea as to why it just didn't work in the first place.

Russo was recently interviewed on the "Insight" podcast and said he would rather try something new than repeat a match fans had seen an endless amount of times before. But the new concept of 1999's Kennel from Hell Match – which was supposed to feature vicious dogs surrounding the ring –did not execute that vision. The match was the result of a storyline build between The Big Boss Man and Al Snow that saw The Boss Man feeding his opponent his own dog at one point.

"I think of the concept because The Boss Man — our story revolved around the little dog Pepper. Okay, so I thought of the concept but in my head, in my head they are attack dogs, you know, they're police dogs," he explained. "The teeth are out and saliva is coming out and they're circling the ring, that's the picture in my head. So now, bro, I'm at the building and they bring the dogs in and [someone says] 'Vince, here are the dogs for the match.' I walk over to look at the dogs and bro," he continued, "the first dog licked my hand. And I'm like, bro, I never thought of what if they're not attack dogs? What if they are pets? You know what I'm saying? Like that's exactly what happened, bro; these were the lamest, laziest [dogs]."

Russo said he "1000%" blamed himself for the match's failure, because he never accounted for how the dogs would act, or not act, into consideration. In his words, the match "actually sucked."