Tyler Breeze Reveals Advice He Got From Dolph Ziggler In WWE: 'We Are Not Their Guys'

Veteran talent in the wrestling business may have experience in the ring, but they too need advice every once in a while. This includes former WWE star Tyler Breeze, who revealed during a recent appearance on "Lazy Booking" a piece of advice given to him several years into his career by Dolph Ziggler.

"I remember Dolph explained this to me before — as soon as I got up to SmackDown, actually," Breeze recalled. "He went, 'Look, man,' he goes, 'This is the thing. You can see very clearly who their guys are, and you can see very clearly who their guys are not. You and me? We are not their guys.'"

Ziggler explained that even if talent like him and Breeze were to steal the spotlight, it would always be placed on the bigger talent. He pointed out to Breeze that despite this, there were upsides to not being a top guy in the company including gaining a cult following with fans. He explained that as a result of this, fans would end up rallying behind the talent in question, knowing that they would rely on them to have good matches and promos despite not emerging victorious in matches.

"I was kind of in that same category," Breeze said. "KENTA comes over from Japan [to "NXT" in 2015], I'm working him for like six months and showing what he can do."

Breeze began his career in 2007 and signed with WWE in 2010 as part of the company's then-developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling. He later performed on "NXT" programming before making his debut on the main roster in 2015. His stint with the company ended in 2021 when he was released from his contract in June.

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