Jake Roberts On The Belief That WWE HOFer Roddy Piper Wouldn't Put Other Guys Over

Jake "The Snake" Roberts has never been known to mince words and this time the WWE Hall of Famer has dished some dirt on the legendary "Rowdy" Roddy Piper.

On a recent episode of "The Snake Pit" podcast, Roberts and co-host Marcus DeAngelo discussed his unforgettable rivalry with Bad News Brown during the summer of 1990. Prior to their storyline, Brown was feuding with Piper, who infamously painted half of his body black for his WrestleMania match with Brown. 

Piper also refusing to lose to Brown clean caused many frustrations for Brown that ultimately contributed to his decision to leave WWE. However, before he left, he had a much easier time working with Roberts.

"I never was one to play that drama s**t, man," said Roberts. "Never was. Maybe I should have been, but I wasn't ... [But] I heard that he [Piper] wouldn't lay down for anybody, which to me is just ridiculous. It is a work, man! If your s**t isn't good enough to sustain you through doing a job for somebody, your s**t must be pretty damn weak."

While he had heard of Piper's reputation for backstage politicking, but when it came to notorious politicker Hulk Hogan, he mentioned that they never had any issues with each other. Despite both men having a tendency to be outspoken, they apparently got along with each other. It's unclear whether it was due to respect or simply because they weren't paired up during their time in the promotion. But what is certain is that the AEW star wasn't a fan of the way "Hot Rod" did business in this instance.