Seth Rollins Reveals Secrets Behind His WWE Character's Hair And Wardrobe

Ever since Seth Rollins introduced his "Visionary" character to WWE, he has begun wearing some eccentric clothing that has helped to develop the gimmick even further. During an appearance on "Impaulsive," Rollins revealed that it is Troy Haynes who is the person responsible for putting together his outfits.

"He's an awesome cat," Rollins said. "He was actually doing a ton of work for the ladies of WWE but that's how I got him, Becky was like, 'I gotta guy, he's always wanted to style a dude, he styles chicks all the time but he's always wanted to style a guy.'" The character Rollins presents on television is vastly different from how he likes to dress in real life, as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion confirmed he likes to dress down with no frills to be as chilled as possible. However, he enjoys leaving his comfort zone with the outlandish outfits that he wears onscreen.

"When I was coming back from paternity leave, we had our baby and I was coming back and I wanted to try something different," Rollins said. "[Becky] was like, 'Why don't you try this?' So, I hit him up and the suits started coming, and then it turned into whatever it is now, it's this monstrosity." Haynes now works alongside Sarath Ton, Rollins' gear maker, in a bid to bring everything together for his character and create what Rollins himself described as "some wild looks."

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