AEW's Samoa Joe Cuts A Promo On Fast Food Chain Taco Bell

Professional wrestlers spend a lot of time on the road, which leads to many of them learning the ins and outs of various fast food menus. In an interview with Doughboys Media, Ring of Honor World Television Champion Samoa Joe was asked to rate and review that Tex-Mex staple of the American roadside, Taco Bell.

"Taco Bell strikes me as a chain restaurant in a bit of flux," Joe said. "It can't figure out what it wants to be. Trying to break into the American market with the fries and yet at the same time honor its traditional Mexican roots with a lot of items we just don't understand, but that's OK. I know this about Taco Bell: its baseline items are always good and always there. And like I said before, I look forward to a good old bean and cheese burrito. Just don't wrap it in another tortilla, deep fry that, and maybe throw some sour cream on top of it with some strawberry sauce. That's when it gets weird."

Joe gave the fast food franchise "three solid forks," saying Taco Bell has potential but is still lacking the follow-through that could make it great. One of the hosts said Joe's review hurt them, as an avid fan of Taco Bell.

"The truth gets in your feelings, dawg," Joe explained. "I didn't come here to blow smoke up a**es."

Joe has been the reigning and defending ROH World Television Champion for over a year. He successfully defended his title against Dalton Castle at last Friday's Death Before Dishonor pay-per-view.

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