Samoa Joe Recalls Eating Contest Between John Cena & Frankie Kazarian Early In Career

While wrestlers typically face off in a wrestling match, Samoa Joe recalls two of his friends competing in a different kind of contest one time. During a recent interview with "Doughboys Media," Joe narrated an anecdote of former WWE Champion John Cena battling against former Impact X-Division Champion Frankie Kazarian in an eating contest.

"This goes back to when I started [in wrestling], and it was actually John Cena and Frankie Kazarian. We were at my house. We had just got done doing a wrestling show. It was probably midnight. We were all kind of crashing at my pad because we had another show the next day," Joe explained. "So we got back there, my [dad is] really great host no matter what time of night, we get there, it's probably midnight and my dad just starts cooking. He cooks like a pan of chicken breasts and all this stuff for all the guys — there's about five of us."

After Joe's father laid out two sheet trays of grilled chicken breasts, Joe said he helped himself to one or two pieces. Meanwhile, Cena and Kazarian began inhaling the chicken breasts and they soon went one-on-one with each other. "They're now facing each other face to face. Just trying to shove [the chicken in], like, 'I'm not giving up for you before you give up,'" Joe explained.

Despite their persistence to continue, the eating contest ultimately resulted in a draw as Cena and Kazarian finished both trays of chicken, leaving nothing left to be consumed.

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