Tiffany Stratton Reveals Who She Thinks Is 'The Best To Ever Do It'

Tiffany Stratton might currently be thriving as the "WWE NXT" Women's Champion, but that doesn't mean she is willing to rest on her laurels as she is already looking ahead to other top-tier wrestlers that she can compete against in the future. 

"There are some women on the main roster, you know, I want to wrestle the best woman in the world and I think Charlotte Flair is on that level," Stratton told "Sports Guys Talking Wrestling." Stratton added, "She's the best to ever do it in my opinion, and I feel like in a lot of other people's opinion, and I would love to have a match with her." 

WWE has been bringing main roster talent to "NXT" as of late, which has proven to be beneficial when it comes to the ratings and it is believed that this is something that will be happening more moving forward. Flair has returned to "NXT" in the past such as during the COVID-19 pandemic when she had another run as the "NXT"  Women's Champion, but the two women could also potentially compete in the future if Stratton moves to the main roster. 

"I think we'd have great in-ring chemistry and I think it'd be a banger match, and a must-see," Stratton said.

While Stratton might be looking ahead to potentially facing Flair in a match for the "NXT" Women's Championship, right now she is focused on defending the gold against Thea Hail at the upcoming "NXT" Great American Bash event. 

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