Ric Flair On LA Knight & When He Believes His Momentum Began In WWE

Ric Flair is a fan of WWE star LA Knight and has pointed out the moment that changed his fortunes in WWE. "The Nature Boy" was recently interviewed by "Fox News" where he praised Logan Paul as well as LA Knight.

"I like the kid [Knight] personally. He's not Roman Reigns yet, but he just started. He's been around the market, he's been back and forth, up and down," said Flair.

He recalled Knight's interaction with The Undertaker at the start of the year and said that the WWE star taking shots at "The Deadman" was when the momentum shifted in Knight's favor.

"The greatest thing he did, I didn't realize if they rehearsed it or not, or he was being a smarta–, but when he told the Undertaker that Joe Rogan said that wrestlers today were soft, it popped me," said the Hall of Famer. "That reunion when he cracked on Taker, I think that kinda started a roll for him."

Flair, who also remembered shooting an ad commercial with Knight a few years ago, said that the former Eli Drake seemed like a nice guy during their interaction.

Knight has become a fan favorite in quick time and even seems to have the backing of fans of rival promotions, with AEW fans recently chanting his name after "AEW Dynamite." WWE fans were disappointed when the "Raw" star didn't win the men's Money in the Bank match as well as become the #1 contender for the United States Championship. But recent reports have stated that he is set for a big push this summer and that both Vince McMahon and Triple H are fans of the former Impact Wrestling star.