Tony Khan Responds To Idea Of Returning To ROH Tapings In Orlando

Following Ring of Honor's Death Before Dishonor pay-per-view this past Friday, the company held a media scrum featuring performers from the show (via YouTube), as has become standard for major AEW and ROH events. As usual, one of those on-hand to answer questions was ROH owner Tony Khan.

During the scrum, Khan hinted that ROH would likely continue taping alongside "AEW Collision" rather than returning to the previous format of holding tapings at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida — at least for the immediate future. He did, however, leave the door open for further studio tapings at some point.

"I'm very open to utilizing studio tapings, but I think there's a lot of benefits to having the ROH crew traveling with the 'Collision' crew," Khan said. The ROH owner stated that performers like Action Andretti and Darius Martin as stars who have been able to benefit from having the two shows taped together, as both have been showcased and had the opportunity to work with seasoned wrestlers.

"As we look at it, I think I'd be open to going back [to Universal Studios], but I definitely really like doing it at 'Collision,'" Khan continued. "When you have top names that could appear in both, I think that's great, but 'Collision' has been a huge success for us, and I think everything we've done about it has been really, really great so far. So I probably wouldn't change much, because I think the Saturdays have done really, really well, and part of that has been shooting the ROH shows."