Brian Pillman Jr. Teases 'Huge Opportunity' Coming Up In His Wrestling Career

When Brian Pillman Jr. first joined AEW back in 2021, the second generation star — son of the late Brian Pillman — seemed to have all the promise in the world. But after a decent start in the promotion, the youngster's run fizzled out, and Junior would wind up barely appearing on AEW programming during 2023 before his contract expired earlier this month.

However, there's some semblance of hope for the former Varsity Blonde, as Pillman has been seen working out at the WWE Performance Center, a strong sign WWE may be looking to bring him in. While he hasn't publicly commented on WWE's interest, he did hint that something may be on the horizon while discussing his AEW departure during a "Captain's Corner" virtual signing.

"It's a tough business, and it's a long road to the top if you want to rock n roll," Pillman said. "Being here today and getting to reminisce about some of the past moments of my career has really cheered me up and put me in a position to where I'm excited for the future.

"There is a lot to come, I can't speak on it right now, it's kind of in the works. I have a huge moment, a huge opportunity coming up in my career to continue making memories, to continue coming up with new gear ideas and sharing my version of pro wrestling with you all," he continued. "Thank you for supporting me."

While Pillman Jr. disappeared from AEW TV, he has remained busy on the independent circuit — most recently competing for New South Wrestling in Kentucky on July 16.

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