QT Marshall Shares The Inspiration For AEW's QTV

Ever since he helped Powerhouse Hobbs win the AEW TNT Championship back in March, QT Marshall's QTV stable — consisting of Harley Cameron, Aaron Solo, and now Johnny TV – has been a mainstay on AEW programming. But how did the group come together in the first place?

In an appearance on "Talk is Jericho," Marshall, Solo, and Cameron went in depth about their partnership, including the revelation that RJ City has helped write their segments. Additionally, Marshall was instrumental in pitching both Solo — his long-time onscreen associate — and Cameron, who was noticed on "AEW Dark," to Tony Khan as his cohorts. Marshall also detailed how Khan had first approached him about a character change, and then suggested to Marshall that he find inspiration from, of all places, an Andy Samberg film.

"Tony said 'Have you ever seen the movie 'Popstar?” Marshall recalled. "I said 'No.' He said 'Well if you look at it, they make fun of TMZ.' So he showed me the clip, and he loved the clip. And I said 'Okay.' And this was all supposed to be — the payoff was going to be that it was all good stuff about Will Hobbs. We bury everybody else, and it would end up that I was with Powerhouse Hobbs."

"That's what was supposed to start. But then, when the Wardlow match happened," he continued, "it was Hobbs vs. Wardlow in Hobbs' hometown, so it was like 'Alright, what are we going to do? QT, we're going to put you with him now.' I was like 'Okay. Let's do it.' Then we kind of had to go backward."

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