QT Marshall Discusses Idea For Anthony Bowens-Harley Cameron 'I'm Gay' Moment In AEW

More than halfway through 2023, AEW has certainly provided its fair share of memorable moments already. But perhaps none has been as meaningful as a segment on the June 23 episode of "AEW Rampage" featuring The Acclaimed. It was then that Anthony Bowens declared "I'm gay," after being hit on by QTV's Harley Cameron, to a thunderously positive reaction from the Chicago fans.

In an appearance on "Talk is Jericho," QT Marshall revealed that he had come up with the idea for the line, pitched it to Bowens, and received help from "Daddy Ass" himself, Billy Gunn, in structuring how the segment came across.

"I texted Bowens and I said 'Hey, I have an idea,'" Marshall revealed. "'With it being Pride Month, you're on the ... I saw the Pride commercial.' I said 'You're obviously someone that talks about this. You have your YouTube commercial. Is there a way, with her and her character kind of being naive, that you say this in the ring?' And he was like 'I'd love to!' And I was like 'Okay ... if you're okay with it, I think it could be really special.' 

"And I just thought the crowd would pop. I didn't think the whole arena would chant 'He is gay!' in a positive way," he added. "So I told Billy, and I said 'How do we do it? How do we set it up?' And Billy's like 'I think you need to stay in the back, just have her come out by herself, because if you're out there, they're just going to chant 'QT sucks!' And no one's going to get to see the whole thing.' I was overly joyed with how it came out."

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