Why Booker T Likes Baron Corbin's Current Direction In WWE & NXT

Main roster stars like Mustafa Ali and Seth Rollins have popped in on "WWE NXT" in recent months. But it's former United States Champion Baron Corbin whose been hanging around the developmental brand, looking to find a way through his existential crisis. And "NXT" broadcaster Booker T digs it.

"I really like [the use of Baron Corbin in 'NXT'], too, I really do," Booker said on "The Hall of Fame" podcast recently. "I really like the vignette; it really puts him in a new light." Corbin recently appeared in a segment where he seemed to face his own self-doubt, deciding that the best way to deal with his identity crisis is to be himself.

"Sometimes on the main roster, you can get stuck in a rut," Booker explained. "I hate this term — 'We ain't got nothing for you.' When you start hearing that, that's a problem — for Baron Corbin to be back in 'NXT' to re-invent himself all over again. Those packages go a long way and, for me, I've always been a Baron Corbin fan, always been, just because he's been that heel's heel for me." Booker said he appreciated that Corbin doesn't look for the approval of fans, which puts him a step ahead of many of WWE's heels.

Corbin has been King Corbin, Happy Corbin, he's been broke, he's been rich, he's been the general constable of "WWE Raw," and now it appears that the "Lone Wolf" is ready to be himself after his loss to "NXT" Champion Carmelo Hayes in June.