Becky Lynch Defeats Zoey Stark, Earns WWE SummerSlam Rematch With Trish Stratus On Raw

Two weeks ago, Zoey Stark stole a massive victory over Becky Lynch with the help of Trish Stratus. The pair went into Monday night's rematch with the stipulation that if Lynch lost again, she would have to tattoo "Thank You Trish" on her body. But Lynch won't be getting ink in honor of the Hall of Famer anytime soon, as she defeated Stark on "WWE Raw."

Lynch started off the match hot, with Stratus lingering on the outside. After a series of back-and-forth offense, Lynch went for a Man-Handle Slam, which she turned into a Disarm-Her after Stark countered. Stratus, who had gotten involved earlier in the contest, tried to do so again, but Lynch knocked her off the apron. Much as she had done before, Stark capitalized on the distraction and went for a roll-up, but this time, Lynch kicked out. Lynch finally won with a Man-Handle slam on Stark for the pin, earning her rematch against Stratus in Detroit at SummerSlam on August 5.