Dominik Mysterio Defeats Sami Zayn On WWE Raw, Retains NXT North American Title

"Dirty" Dominik Mysterio is still the "NXT" North American Champion after defending the title on "WWE Raw."

Mysterio and The Judgment Day kicked off "Raw" in the ring with a mini-celebration of Mysterio's title win on last Tuesday's "NXT." They were interrupted by Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, who said Mysterio could do the best thing for the industry by "shutting his mouth forever." Mysterio said he's a fighting champion and wouldn't be disrespected. Zayn said to earn respect, he should put his North American title on the line in a match against him. Rhea Ripley accepted on Mysterio's behalf.

The match kicked off with Ripley and Damian Priest in Mysterio's corner and Owens in Zayn's. As the match went on, Ripley distracted the referee while Priest pushed Zayn off the top rope. But the referee kicked out Owens as he tried to explain what happened. Ripley and Priest were also ejected from ringside shortly after.

Mysterio kicked out of a Michinoku Driver and a clothesline that sent him flying. Zayn flew off the top rope, but was caught by a dropkick, and kicked out of a pin by Mysterio. Mysterio set Zayn up for the 619, but Zayn got out of the ropes before Mysterio could hit it, and hit the Blue Thunder Bomb, but Mysterio kicked out. Mysterio connected with the 619 on his second attempt, but Zayn stayed alive. Mysterio then hit the Three Amigos but missed a Frog Splash.

Zayn sent Mysterio into the corner, but when he looked up the ramp, The Judgment Day had laid out Owens, causing the distraction. Mysterio was able to roll up Zayn for the three count and retained the "NXT" North American Championship. Zayn ran up the ramp to check on his best friend, as "Dirty Dom" gloated.