Mickie James Talks About One Of The Scariest Things To Tell A Wrestler And Why It Is

There are many scary circumstances that wrestlers have to go through due to how unpredictable the business is, but being injured is something that everyone is hoping to avoid. Despite the fact that taking time off to improve is crucial, wrestlers are often worried about their position, which veteran star Mickie James recently spoke about. 

"Isn't that crazy that's one of the scariest things to tell a wrestler, just take the time off, it's okay? In our minds we think it's not okay because we think we are going to miss an opportunity, we are going to miss our spot, they're going to write us off TV, then you're going to have to find a way to bring me back to TV. Especially when you're in the mix of a lot of things," she said on "GAW TV.

Over the years James has been injured several times, including recently which came at a high point in her career with the "Last Rodeo" storyline in Impact Wrestling. James was put on the shelf due to a rib injury, but she has since returned to the ring. She admitted that it is the worst time to be injured when you're on a roll, but as one of the veterans in the locker room, she is now able to use her experience to help others in that situation.

"We've all been hurt before, it sucks," James said. "I try to tell that to people too, 'Don't worry about it, it's fine, you'll see, maybe you needed the time off.'"

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