AEW's Britt Baker On The Stipulation Match She Has To Have In Her Career

Britt Baker has accomplished a lot in her AEW career, including being the first woman signed to the company, a former AEW Women's Champion, and the first-ever winner of the Women's Owen Hart Cup, but many still consider her greatest feat to be her Lights Out Match with Thunder Rosa back in March 2021. The wild brawl between the on- and off-screen rivals became the first ever women's match to headline an AEW event, and Baker herself believes it's the match that launched her career.

During an appearance on "Not Just Football With Cam Heyward," Baker was asked about what other stipulation match she would like to do. She revealed she wouldn't mind closing out her career with a Lights Out match, to make everything come full circle, but there's one gimmick match she hasn't done yet that she feels she must do before hanging up the boots.

"I will say, I've never had a straight up ladder match," Baker said. "I've been thrown onto ladders, but I've never had to climb the ladder and get the briefcase or the chip or the ring or whatever you're trying to get. That is terrifying to me, because I'm afraid of heights, but I feel like ... I have to have a ladder match before I retire, right?"

While on the subject, Baker discussed her fear of heights, with her even admitting she's not sure where the fear comes from.

"If someone throws me off something high or pushes me, that's fine," Baker said. "But like, me actually having to be the one to do the work, that really is terrifying to me. And you're thinking about everything, 'don't fall, don't lean back, don't do this.' It's a lot to think about."

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