AEW's Britt Baker Reveals The Wrestler She'd Face In Her Dream Match

AEW star Britt Baker has named three WWE stars and a former WWE star as her current dream match opponents.

Baker, who was a recent guest on "Not Just Football with Cam Heyward," stated that her answer to the dream match question changes all the time, but said that she would love to face one of the Four Horsewomen of WWE.

"Just because it was so important to me when I was training — there's the group called the Four Horsewomen of WWE, and it was Becky Lynch, Bayley, Sasha Banks, and Charlotte Flair. That's who I watched and studied non-stop when I was training and they really laid the groundwork for the style of women's wrestling that you see now," said the former AEW Women's Champion.

Baker then went on to name one of the Four Horsewomen as her current dream match opponent and called the WWE star one of the best in the business presently. "I'm going to say Bayley today because I'm a big Bayley fan," said Baker. There seems to be a mutual respect between the two stars as Bayley previously lavished praise on Baker

The Four Horsewomen came through the "WWE NXT" developmental system and played a key role in the WWE women's evolution. The AEW star said that she has a great deal of respect for the aforementioned stars, but also realized that they are now her competition as she wrestles for a rival promotion. 

A few months ago, Baker expressed her desire to face Mercedes Mone [formerly known as Sasha Banks in WWE], who is now a part of NJPW, a promotion that has good ties with AEW. A match between Baker and Mone seems more likely to happen than the AEW star facing any of the other Four Horsewomen, who are all still key players in WWE.