Sgt. Slaughter's Daughter Says WWE Asked Her Dad To Manage Lacey Evans

WWE Hall of Famer Sgt. Slaughter's daughter Kelly has talked about the controversy involving her father and WWE star Lacey Evans. 

In an interview with "Wrestling Epicenter," Kelly expressed her unhappiness at Evans copying her father's iconic gimmick and also said that the WWE star's choice of outfit, which is similar to Slaughter's, was disrespectful. Kelly revealed that WWE wanted Sgt. Slaughter to manage Evans, which the veteran star declined to do.

"However, what people don't realize is the WWE came to my dad and asked him to be her manager and put her over. He said no. To me, that is where it should have ended," said Kelly.

She feels that WWE could have used the military gimmick for Evans, who is a veteran herself, but should not have added the Cobra Clutch submission move to her repertoire. Kelly argued that Evans could've used the move if it was called by another name. She said that her father asked permission from the late Iron Sheik to use the Camel Clutch move, which Slaughter then rebranded as the Cobra Clutch. 

Evans debuted her new gimmick in January, where she highlighted her past military career and also employed the Cobra Clutch for the first time in a match against enhancement talent Jazmin Allure. A few months later, the WWE star debuted new ring gear, which bore a resemblance to Sgt. Slaughter's iconic look. This later led to a war of words between Evans and Kelly, with the latter calling the former a "poser."

Slaughter himself then waded into the topic, suggesting that Evans or a WWE writer should've contacted him and asked his permission to use the Cobra Clutch.