Heels Season 2 Episode 1 Recap/spoilers: Ten-Bell Salute

Contains spoilers for "Heels" Season 2 Episode 1, "Ten-Bell Salute"

"Heels" Season 1 ended on a dramatic note for the Spade brothers. For a start, Ace (Alexander Ludwig) learned that Jack (Stephen Amell) masterminded the Kleenex incident that led to his public humiliation. However, that's arguably the least of Jack's problems heading into "Heels" Season 2. Staci (Alison Luff) is taking a break from their marriage, and rival promoter Gully (Mike O'Malley) wants to ruin the Duffy Wrestling League owner following their scuffle in front of the South Georgia State Fair crowd in last season's finale. 

Elsewhere, Crystal (Kelli Berglund) is the new DWL Champion following her impromptu ladder match victory in Season 1. The "Heels" Season 2 trailer reveals that the crowd is firmly on her side and ready for a woman to succeed; however, it remains to be seen if Jack feels the same way given that her title victory wasn't part of his original booking plans. The Season 2 premiere has plenty of drama to address, but will it offer much in the way of resolutions?

"Ten-Bell Salute" picks up directly after the aforementioned events. The episode opens with Ace storming out of the arena and taking off before anyone can calm him down. The mood of the general DWL locker room is quite upbeat, though, as everyone is buzzing following a successful State Fair show. 

Gully, meanwhile, is out to disparage the DWL's reputation. He cuts a promo dismissing Crystal as a "valet" and says that the DWL is a free-for-all where anyone can steal the gold. The Florida Wrestling Dystopia promoter then promises to get revenge on Jack for messing with him, so viewers can expect more drama between them. That said, while this episode does set up some future events, it's also concerned about the past.

The aftermath of Tom Spade's death

In this episode, Tom Spade's (David James Elliot) specter still looms large over his family and friends. "Ten-Bell Salute" chronicles his funeral via flashback sequences and reveals how the death affected those closest to him. Jack is so mad at his dad for taking his own life that he refuses to read his farewell letter. Ace is arguably worse off, though, as feels like he disappointed Tom by not living up to his expectations. Elsewhere, Wild Bill (Chris Bauer) feels guilty about never making amends with his old friend following their final face-to-face interaction, which saw Bill lend Tom some money before parting ways for good.

The funeral isn't all bad, though. It's here that Ace and Crystal cross paths for the first time, lighting the spark for their future relationship to blossom. Crystal is still a fan of the DWL at this point in time, and Ace has yet to make his in-ring debut. However, this is the period where Ace discovers that grappling is in his DNA. On the flip side, Jack ponders closing down the DWL, but Staci convinces him to put on one last show to honor Tom's memory. 

Ace wants to be part of the event, and he convinces Jack to train him to wrestle. Jack agrees to the request and discovers that his younger sibling is a natural in the squared circle, ultimately leading to a sibling vs. sibling match at the farewell show. Ace wins the subsequent match and the two brothers receive a standing ovation from the crowd. The flashback sequences conclude with Jack deciding to keep the company open and offering Ace the chance to run it with him. Still, it's only a matter of time before they start butting heads.

Ace is on the run and Jack can't catch a break

Back in the present day, Ace picks up his things from his mom's house and goes on the lam. He refuses to answer Jack's calls, and he appears to be heading into the unknown without a plan. The episode's closing moments show him driving down a highway while Boston's "Don't Look Back" plays, suggesting that he's set for an existential road trip that will boast life-affirming moments of self-discovery.

The good news, though, is that Staci is willing to answer Jack's calls. She tells him that she's proud of him for coming clean to Ace about the Kleenex stunt, but she isn't ready to come home yet. After their call, Jack opens the aforementioned letter that his dad left him, which turns out to be nothing more than a brief note telling him to take care of Ace.

Jack and Staci's marriage might be on the rocks, but the "Heels" Season 2 premiere introduces a feel-good romantic storyline to provide some respite from the heartache. Crystal and Bobby (Trey Tucker) share a kiss in the parking lot toward the end of the episode, which puts a spring in Bobby's step, despite the fact he's still recovering from Ace breaking his leg in Season 1. With Ace out of the picture for now, Bobby and Crystal's relationship might actually stand a chance. 

Finally, CM Punk looks set to be a player in Season 2 as the DWL roster officially welcomes his character, Ricky Rabies, into the family. Furthermore, wrestling fans can also look forward to AJ Mendez joining her husband on "Heels" Season 2 at some point.

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