Photo: Matt Cardona Visits Tokyo Disneyland With DDT Universal Championship

If Matt Cardona has proven one thing since ascending to the status of "Indie God," it's that he's not afraid to show off any earned gold in public –even going as far as flaunting a replica of the title his wife Chelsea Green wears. That hasn't changed with the newest of his now-seven championships, which made its way to Tokyo Disneyland, as Cardona said it would. 

Cardona took to Twitter to provide photographic evidence with his recently captured DDT Universal Championship. Cardona, sporting a "Chip N' Dale"-style hat, was accompanied by his good pal Steph De Lander as they posed for pictures in front of Cinderella's castle.

The trip comes not even three days since Cardona became the 11th wrestler to ever hold the DDT Universal Title and the first American wrestler, claiming the title from Tetsuya Endo at DDT Wrestling Peter Pan. The event — DDT's premiere wrestling event of the year — also saw AEW star Konosuke Takeshita return to defeat Yuki Ueno, while Chris Brookes defeated Yuji Hino in the main event to capture the KO-D Openweight Championship, DDT's top title.

While Cardona's first defense of the Universal Title has already been announced, he will at least get two months before having to put it on the line. Unfortunately for Cardona, his first defense will be against none other than his GCW nemesis Maki Itoh, who will look to defeat Cardona and become the first-ever woman to win the Universal Title at Korakuen Hall on September 24.