Mike Chioda Says LA Knight Is Getting Over Without WWE Pushing Him

LA Knight has been the talk of the wrestling world as of late, putting together memorable performances and promos that have helped him get over massively with fans. He is someone that audiences hope will be earning a major push soon, and during the latest "Monday Mailbag with Mike Chioda," the former WWE official praised Knight for crushing it as of late.

"He's getting over and he's getting himself over. When you go out there with a certain kind of charisma, whether you're a babyface or heel, and you really play the part and if you're a babyface you've got to go out with a bunch of charisma and you've got to keep it up every week every f***ing time you get to that ring and you've got to keep up the high energy." Knight's "Yeah" catchphrase has become one of the most popular in WWE, to the point where it is now catching on elsewhere. However, he hasn't gotten over due to a push from WWE management, as much like people such as Zack Ryder and Daniel Bryan, Knight's rise has been organic.

"That's what's great about the business, they're not pushing this guy down their throats, the crowd is reacting to him and they're loving him," Choida said. "They're not pushing and pushing and pushing him so hard to where it's like they're force-feeding the fans to make them like him. To me, he's doing it on his own and he's doing a hell of a job and continuing it. I'm digging it."

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