WWE NXT Results 7/25 - Kendo Stick Match, Rhea Ripley Vs. Lyra Valkyria

Welcome to Rllegends's results for "WWE NXT" on July 25, 2023, coming to you live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida!

Cora Jade and Dana Brooke have found themselves at odds over the past few weeks, stemming back to their match during Week One of the "NXT" Gold Rush special and Jade's subsequent defeat of Brooke's ally Kelani Jordan three weeks later. Tonight, the pair look to settle their differences once and for all as they collide in a Kendo Stick Match.

After dethroning Wes Lee as the North American Champion last week and his successful defense against one half of the Undisputed Tag Team Champions Sami Zayn last night on "WWE Raw", Dominik Mysterio has something on his mind to share alongside his fellow Judgement Day member Rhea Ripley. Speaking of the reigning Women's World Champion, her night won't end there as Ripley is set to go one-on-one with Lyra Valkyria in a non title bout.

Schism's Joe Gacy, Rip Fowler, and Jagger Reid will be taking on "NXT" Champion Carmelo Hayes, his longtime ally Trick Williams and Ilja Dragunov. The dynamic between the latter team will be interesting to watch play out, as Dragunov beat Bron Breakker to become the Number One Contender for the "NXT" Championship on July 11 and will receive his shot at "NXT" The Great American Bash this coming Sunday.

Additionally, Von Wagner will be making his return to in-ring action as he collides with Javier Bernal. Wagner last competed on the May 23 episode of "NXT", during which he ultimately came up short to Luca Crusifino as the result of a disqualification. Gable Steveson will also be providing an update on his future and revealing what comes next for him.

We are live! The show kicks off with a video showing the North American Championship match between Wes Lee and Dominik Mysterio last week, as well as Dominik's two title defenses since.

Vic Joseph and Booker T then greet audiences at home as Dominik and Rhea Ripley then make their way down to the ring.

We Hear From Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley

Ripley says Judgment Day runs all of WWE, then cites the recent accomplishments of each member. She says she sees the looks on all the fans' faces now that Dominik is North American Champion, and Dominik says he finally made the Mysterio name relevant. She says it was courageous of Lyra Valkyria to step up to her, but before she can continue, Wes Lee's music hits and he makes his way down to the ring.

Lee says he hates seeing his title in Dominik's hand because the title represented hard work and opportunity during his reign. He says he put his heart and soul into that title and demands a rematch for the North American Championship. Ripley says "NXT" needed a North American Champion, and Lee agrees but says that needs to happen tonight.

Mustafa Ali's music hits, and he heads down to the ring. He says he has respect and love for Lee, but he can't say the same for Dominik. He says Dominik stole his title from him because it's what he does, and says Dominik stole his chance to become the North American Champion at The Great American Bash in his scheduled match with Lee. He says Lee dropped the ball, but catches himself and says he didn't mean it. He says Dominik cut the line, and Lee allowed him to do just that. He reminds Lee that he warned him not to defend against Dominik, and Lee becomes angered. He gets in Ali's face, but Dominik interrupts their stare down and says he doesn't care which one of them he faces at The Great American Bash and will even defend against both of them at the behest of Ripley.

Ali looks to clock Dominik, but Dominik ducks out of the way and hits Lee. Dominik and Ripley sneak out of the ring as Ali and Lee brawl with one another before taking note of Dominik's absence inside the ring and stopping themselves.

Schism then makes their way down to the ring. Carmelo Hayes, Trick Williams, and Ilja Dragunov follow. 

Carmelo Hayes, Trick Williams and Ilja Dragunov vs. Schism (w/ Ava)

Hayes and Gacy begin the action. The bell rings and the two lock up. Gacy delivers a shoulder tackle, but Hayes fires back with a dropkick and a chop. Williams tags in and delivers a dropkick of his own, but Gacy levels him and tags in Fowler. Williams fires off right hands on Fowler's midsection, but Fowler responds with a shoulder tackle. Williams then delivers a bodyslam and a shoulder tackle of his own before landing a pop-up right hand.

Dragunov tags himself in and delivers a chop, then follows it up with an elbow drop and a jumping knee. He then delivers a knee off the middle rope, but Fowler sends Dragunov crashing into the corner and tags in Reid. Dragunov catches him with a pair of German suplexes and looks for a third, but Reid fights his way out. Dragunov then levels Reid and tags in Williams. Williams whips Reid into the corner, but Reid levels him with a clothesline before taking a cheap shot at Hayes. Hayes gets in the ring and looks to take out Reid. This allows Fowler to get in the ring and help Reid wear down Williams, but Hayes eventually hops in the ring and helps Williams send The Dyad crashing to the outside. 

Back from the break, Reid wears down Hayes with a submission hold. Hayes fights his way out and delivers a superkick to Reid, then tags in Williams. Gacy tags in and Williams fires off right hands on him, then delivers a dropkick and a knee. He follows it up with a Flapjack before the pair spill to the outside. Dragunov tags in and looks for a running headbutt on Gacy, but he accidentally hits Williams. Gacy takes advantage and tosses Dragunov back in the ring. He looks for the Upside Down, but Dragunov catches him with a knee.

Reid tags in and rains down right hands on Dragunov, then tags in Fowler. Dragunov tries fighting off The Dyad, but The Dyad overpowers him. Gacy tags in as a pair of masked figures in Schism masks pulls Reid and Fowler off the apron. This opens the door for Hayes to tag himself in and deliver Nothing But Net for the win.

Winners: Carmelo Hayes, Trick Williams and Ilja Dragunov

After the match, Williams yells at Dragunov and looks to fight him, but Hayes keeps him from doing so.

Back from the break, Von Wagner and Mr. Stone make their way down to the ring. Javier Bernal is already waiting inside.

Von Wagner (w/ Mr Stone) vs. Javier Bernal

The bell rings and Bernal wastes no time. He looks for a series of offensive moves, but Wagner overpowers him and rains down right hands on Bernal's spine in the corner. He follows it up with a big boot and more right hands, then delivers his finisher for the win.

Winner: Von Wagner

After the match, Wagner clears the announce desk and powerbombs Bernal through the table. Bron Breakker then appears out of nowhere and spears Wagner before grabbing a chair from under the ring and hitting Wagner's hand with it. 

Back from the break, we see Carmelo Hayes encounter Ilja Dragunov. An irate Trick Williams walks in and gets into a heated excahnge with Dragunov, making it clear to him that he wants a chance to get his hands on him. 

Back at ringside, Gable Steveson heads down.

Gable Steveson Reveals What's Next For Him

Steveson thanks everyone in "NXT" and says many people might not know who he is. He introduces himself as a former Olympic Gold medalist and a two time NCAA champion.

Before Steveson can continue, Baron Corbin appears at ringside and tells Steveson that he should go back to college and the Olympics to win more championships. He tells Steveson not to come to "NXT" unless he wants to fail, and says professional wrestling is an entirely different game. He says he's done everything he's been asked for the past eight years, but he no longer cares. He says while Steveson is a bad man, he's swimming with sharks and staring eye-to-eye with a Great White who's starving. Steveson says Corbin just made his decision easier and challenges Corbin to his first ever professional wrestling match at Great American Bash. He then delivers a pair of German suplexes to Corbin. 

Back at ringside, Dana Brooke and Kelani Jordan make their way to the ring. Cora Jade follows.

Cora Jade vs. Dana Brooke (w/ Kelani Jordan) in a Kendo Stick Match

Jade looks to hit Brooke with her kendo stick, but Brooke meets her on the outside and overpowers her. She tosses Jade back in the ring, and the bell sounds. Brooke rains down right hands before the action spills back to the outside and Brooke sends Jade crashing into the ring steps. She then tosses her over the announce desk and grabs a kendo stick. She looks to hit Jade's hand with it, but Jade trips her before she can and grabs a kendo stick of her own. She cracks it across Brooke's ribs and sends her crashing into the ring apron face first, then hits her with the stick once more and dumps her back into the ring.

Jade tosses several kendo sticks into the ring, then picks one up and hits Brooke with it. She then bodyslams Brooke into the pile and locks in a crossface using the leverage of one of the sticks. Brooke escapes and Jade cracks the stick across her ribs, then uses it to trap Brooke in the corner and delivers a jumping knee. She looks for a DDT, but Brooke prevents her from executing it and sends her into the kendo stick spine first. Brooke then delivers a pair of clotheslines and a handspring elbow, but Jade manages to land a DDT and goes for a pin. Brooke kicks out.

Jade grabs a chair from the outside and sets it up in the ring, then grabs a kendo stick and looks to hit Brooke with it. Jordan hops up on the apron and Jade charges at her with the stick, but Jordan hops down before they can make contact. This opens the door for Brooke to send Jade into the chair face first, then crack it across her spine a couple of times. Jordan then hands Brooke a pink kendo stick, and Brooke unleashes on Jade. She hits her with it repeatedly, then places it on top of the chair along with several others. Brooke then suplexes Jade on top of the chair and kendo sticks before she ascends to the top and delivers a Swanton Bomb for the win.

Winner: Dana Brooke

The Family then heads down to the ring. Bronco Nima and Lucien Price follow as SCRYPTS joins commentary. 

The Family vs. Bronco Nima and Lucien Price

Stacks and Nima begin the action. The bell rings and the two lock up. Stacks delivers a boot to Nima's face, but Nima fires back with a shoulder tackle and tags in Price. Price and Nima deliver a double shoulder tackle, but Stacks fires back with an uppercut and tags in D'Angelo. D'Angelo sends Price crashing into the mat, but Price fires back with a back heel kick. Nima tags in and delivers a stomp, but D'Angelo lands a couple of kicks on his midsection. Stacks tags in and wears down Nima before Price tags in and delivers an assisted gut buster with Nima. Price then delivers a clothesline in the corner and tags in Nima. Stacks delivers an uppercut off the middle rope as Axiom blindsides SCYPTS on the outside.

Price and D'Angelo tag in back in the ring, and D'Angelo delivers a pair of belly-to-belly suplexes to Price. He follows it up with a spinebuster and enlists the help of Stacks to deliver the Bada Bing for the win.

Winners: The Family.

After the match, Gallus appears on the Titan Tron with a special message for The Family ahead of their "NXT" Tag Team Championship match at Great American Bash. 

Back from the break, we head over to a video of Roxanne Perez attacking Blair Davenport in a store.

Back at ringside, Meta-Four is waiting inside.

Meta-Four Hosts A Special Edition Of Supernova Sessions

Lash Legend welcomes fans to Supernova Sessions before Oro Mensah introduces their special guest: Noam Dar. Jakara Jackson calls for a round of applause for the real Heritage Cup Champion, but Dar stays in his gloomy state. Legend then recalls Dar not being medically cleared to defend his Heritage Cup against Nathan Frazer, and Mensah says while he gave it his all, Frazer ran away with his cup. Jackson says Frazer never actually lost to Dar, and Legend says they have a surprise for Dar. She hands him a Heritage Cup, and Dar cheers up. He falls out of his chair, and grabs the cup from Legend. Jackson gives Dar a proper introduction, and Dar declares himself as the one and only real Heritage Cup holder.

Nathan Frazer and Dragon Lee then appear, and Frazer asks Lee if he's really seeing double. Lee confirms he is, and calls Dar delusional for being unable to see that he isn't champion. Dar says he never actually lost his Heritage Cup, and Frazer calls Dar a massive fraud. Dar calls for security to escort Frazer and Lee.

Frazer says that now Dar has clearly recovered, there's no reason they can't solve their issues. Mensah points out that it's two against four, and Lee asks Meta-Four what makes them think that they came alone. Yulisa Leon and Valentina Feroz attack Legend and Jackson before Frazer and Lee join in and attack Dar and Mensah.

Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio then make their way down to the ring. Lyra Valkyria follows.

Rhea Ripley (w/ Dominik Mysterio) vs. Lyra Valkyria

The bell rings and the two lock up. They go back and forth with submission holds before Ripley delivers a shoulder tackle. Valkyria steps over Ripley, but Ripley responds with several shoulders to her midsection in the corner. She follows it up with a German suplex and a dropkick that sends Valkyria tumbling out of the ring. 

Back from the break, Ripley stomps on Valkyria's foot and plants her face first. She goes for a pin, but Valkyria kicks out. Ripley sets up for Rip Tide, but Valkyria counters into a Speeler. Ripley fights her off and delivers a headbutt. She ascends to the top, but Valkyria knocks her off and sends her crashing to the outside.

Valkyria looks for a dropkick through the middle rope, but Dominik pushes Ripley out of the way and absorbs the maneuver. She catches Ripley with a diving hurricanrana, then ascends to the top and goes flying. Ripley catches her and looks to plant her, but Valkyria counters into a DDT. She climbs back up to the top and delivers a splash, then rocks Ripley with an enziguri and follows it up with a dropkick to her knee. Valkyria looks to go flying off the ropes, but Ripley catches her with a knee and plants her with Rip Tide for the win.

Winner: Rhea Ripley

After the match, Ripley tells Valkyria to prove her right by beating Jacy Jayne.

Trick Williams Calls Out Ilja Dragunov

Back from the break, Trick Williams marches down to the ring and says Carmelo Hayes will defeat Ilja Dragunov this Sunday at Great American Bash. He then calls him out to the ring.

Dragunov appears and Williams goes straight after him. He delivers a dropkick to him on the outside, then delivers a pair of right hands and sends Dragunov crashing into the barricade. He fires off right hands and executes a bodyslam, then tosses him into the ring steps. Dragunov levels Williams and delivers three German suplexes before dumping Williams into the ring and firing off chops on him. He lands a pair of vicious forearms and tosses Williams into the corner, then reminds Williams that he wanted a fight and looks for the Torpedo. Carmelo Hayes appears out of nowhere and absorbs the maneuver on behalf of Williams.

Dragunov grabs a mic and tells Hayes he is a man of honor and loyalty. He tells Hayes to hang on to his friendship with Williams because it will be all he has left when he dethrones him on Sunday as "NXT" Champion.