WWE's Cody Rhodes Praises Seth Rollins, But Doesn't Think They'll Ever Be Friends

While they may not have the greatest relationship behind the scenes, Cody Rhodes has great praise for Seth Rollins' on-screen work. On "Insight with Chris Van Vliet," Rhodes discussed his relationship with Rollins, whom he previously wrestled at WWE Hell in a Cell in 2022. Leading up to the event, Rhodes tore his pectoral muscle, which left his upcoming match with Rollins up in the air. Despite his injury though, "The American Nightmare" proceeded forward to Hell in a Cell, where he defeated Rollins inside the chain-linked structure. Reflecting back on it, Rhodes is glad he got to share the ring with another high-profile performer like Rollins that night.

"I can't even begin to tell you how good Seth Rollins is as a wrestler, psychologist in the ring," Rhodes said. "And without getting too far, Seth made a decision that day that he made, it was his decision to make. That will forever be something I'm grateful for. Seth and I are not friends. It doesn't look like we're heading towards friendship. There's been some flirtation with it. Don't think it's going to happen though."

Earning Rhodes' Respect

"All that aside, if I ever write a book one day, a whole chapter will be about how good that guy is and how he's super valuable to WWE, and he's still undervalued, in my opinion. Having Monday nights with him and I in a nice, competitive 'who's the guy,' without ever having to be in the ring with each other, I couldn't ask for a better sparring partner in that sense."

Though their trilogy of matches captivated many WWE fans last year, Rhodes noted that he never wants to fight Rollins again. Outside of the 2023 men's Royal Rumble match, Rollins and Rhodes have only faced off two other times this year. Those respective bouts took place at a pair of non-televised WWE live events in early February. Since then, Rollins and Rhodes have pivoted their focus to other competitors.

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