Thunder Rosa On AEW Lights Out Match With Britt Baker

Even after two years, and some real-life animosity later, both Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa are very proud of their Lights Out match from a March 2021 episode of "AEW Dynamite," with both feeling it put their careers on the map. 

Rosa discussed the match recently on "Busted Open Radio," and revealed that she had many first-time experiences during the match.

"It was my first time bleeding ever on a match," Rosa said. "It was my first time in a lot of things. I've never, ever done a match like that. I remember we were planning the stuff, and in my head, I'm like, 'Man, I can't mess up. I just can't. This is very important for the future of women's wrestling.' And I honestly didn't know how much was going to impact my career. But, to me, that was very, very important."

Rosa attributed the match's success to not just her and Baker's work, but to the buildup of the match, which saw the two feud for several months and even have a singles match in February.

"I think what made it even more impactful was, one, how they developed the story between Britt and I, because it wasn't like a week [long] buildup," Rosa said. "I think it was October 2020, after my match with Serena Deeb for the NWA Championship that I lost. She got involved, and I lost the match. So it was a development. It grew into March, and I wasn't signed either. So the fact that I wasn't signed, that I won the match ... I mean it didn't count, but I still won the match, everything else, it just built up to that."

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