What Eric Bischoff Would Have Done Differently With The NWO In WCW

The New World Order in WCW is one of the biggest successes in the history of professional wrestling. But a lack of creative focus led the group to become unwieldy, fizzling out despite their historic beginnings.

"If the circumstances were different, it would've been nice to have a more definitive plan," former WCW President Eric Bischoff said on the "83 Weeks" podcast recently. "I wish there had been a better long-term plan." 

Bischoff also wishes that the company had handled the success and the size of the NWO better during WCW's late-90s heyday. 

"It's easier to create momentum than it is to sustain momentum," Bischoff explained, noting that it's a lesson he earned from WCW's successes and failures with the New World Order. "I put so much time and effort and thought creatively into launching what became the NWO ... I didn't anticipate the success and the power of the NWO."

Bischoff says that once the New World Order story began, ending the story was the last thing on anybody's mind, as he was doing his best to find ways to leverage the "monster" that WCW had created. Bischoff says the rapid success of the faction completely took the company off track. 

"I would've loved to have a more definitive plan," Bischoff once again admitted. "I would've liked to have a better third act, final scene if you will. I don't know if I regret it but it's something I learned, sure."

The New World Order went through several iterations and even crossed over to WWE once WCW closed down.