Jose The Assistant Reveals Why Rush Re-Signed With AEW

During his recent free agency period, Rush reportedly fielded offers from WWE, AEW, and several other promotions, but the luchador eventually re-signed with Tony Khan's promotion. According to Jose The Assistant — the manager of Rush's La Facción Ingobernable stable — Rush's decision was a rather easy one when he considered factors outside a wrestling ring. 

"RUSH re-signed with #AEW because of how much concern Tony showed for Rush's wife and newborn," Jose wrote on Twitter. "Family is important to Rush, seeing how much Tony cared is what solidified the deal. There were other offers, but NEVER any consideration to go, AEW cares, Tony cares about his people."

According to Dave Meltzer of the "Wrestling Observer," AEW offered Rush significantly more money than WWE, mostly likely due to their immediate plans for the luchador. In contrast, WWE was reportedly not offering "main roster money" to tie up Rush, with the presumable plan to feature the luchador on "WWE NXT" as opposed to the "WWE Raw" or "WWE SmackDown" brands. 

A day after Rush announced his decision to stay put in AEW, Meltzer revealed the luchador had previously signed a one-year deal with AEW with the intention of proving himself, and once he got through the year, he felt like he belonged in AEW.

Jose isn't the first person to speak glowingly of Khan's character. Other industry veterans such as Eric Bischoff, Matt Hardy, and Tony Schiavone have also praised Khan for his generosity and kind nature, with Hardy going as far as to say that Khan "considers his employees as human beings" and not just as cogs in a perpetual machine.