Matt Hardy Recalls Being Summoned To Wrestler's Court By JBL And The Undertaker

Many WWE Superstars have been summoned to Wrestler's Court to be trialed for their alleged backstage mishaps. During its heyday, The Undertaker was the judge of the locker room judicial system, and JBL often represented the prosecution. Matt Hardy and his brother, Jeff, had their day in Wrestler's Court during their time in WWE, and the former opened up about the experience on his podcast.

During a recent episode of "The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy," the AEW star recalled Michael Hayes getting them first-class tickets for a flight after they won the WWE Tag Team Titles. Matt and Jeff were reluctant to accept the tickets as they didn't want to rub any of the veterans the wrong way. However, they later discovered that they'd been set up, as the tickets belonged to Glenn "Kane" Jacobs. Thus, the brothers were summoned to Wrestler's Court to receive their punishment.

"JBL tells us right before the court, he said, 'Look guys, we know you guys didn't mean to do this. Michael's the one who put you up in the first-class seat, it's on him at the end of the day. So, we're really going for him. You guys just be good, make sure you guys get the Undertaker a fifth of Jack [Daniels]. He said, 'If you get that, you can buy off the judge."

However, JBL addressed the court afterward and accused the Hardys of disrespecting Jacobs because they thought they were big shots. He said that if they could treat Jacobs that way, they could do it to anyone. Fortunately, the Undertaker was in a forgiving mood that day and accepted the bribe of Jack Daniels. In the end, Hayes was found guilty and had to buy Jacobs' lunch every day for the next month.

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