Konnan Weighs In On Drew McIntyre's WWE Contract Situation

After a several-month hiatus, Drew McIntyre returned to WWE in a big way at Money in the Bank. His re-emergence put him on a collision course with GUNTHER for SummerSlam with the Intercontinental Championship on the line. But while McIntyre is back in the fold for now, questions about his future in WWE still loom large, as the end of his current contract is coming soon, and the two sides still a sizable distance apart on financial terms.

AAA booker Konnan knows a bit about that. In June, he was bemoaning the situation between AAA and AEW star Rush, who Konnan noted was difficult to bring in due to high cost. But with not his money in the equation this time, Konnan is all about McIntyre getting paid what he is worth, which he revealed on the most recent episode of "Keepin it 100 with Konnan."

"They have the money — give it to him," Konnan said on his "Keepin it 100" podcast. "He looks like a star, acts like a star, comes off like a star, good looking, gives great matches, cuts good promos, and has been in the system a long time. You can use him to draw in f*****g U.K. and the surrounding areas. He has so many plusses. He held the title for a while and did not do a bad job," he continued. "He was always in there putting in the work, and he did it during a very hard time during the pandemic. Pay the guy. You've got the cheese."

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