Konnan Says John Laurinaitis Told Him He Was 'Too Old' For WWE Commentator Job

Age might just be a number in the eyes of some, which the likes of Sting are proving by still competing at a high level. However, that hasn't always been the view in professional wrestling, particularly WWE, where certain legends such as Paul Wight opted to leave the company due to no longer getting opportunities as they got older. That is something that Konnan found out firsthand in the past, as he revealed on"Keepin' It 100" that he had previously attempted to land a commentary job with WWE only to be knocked back.

"Johnny Ace was like, 'How old are you?' I gave him at that time whatever I was, like 37 or some s**t," Konnan recalled. "He was like, 'Yeah, you're too old,' and I was like, 'Well are you going to flash my age on the TV, plus, your brother is here and he's older than me.' But he was always full of s**t anyways." Age is a reason that some fans have used for why WWE may not commit to pushing LA Knight all the way, but Konnan pointed out they will not be showing that to people either. Instead, he thinks it is crucial that the company taps into him right now while he is a hot act.

"I do think that LA Knight should not be quiet because that's how you get lost," Konnan said. "Right now he's really hot and if they don't do stuff with him or he doesn't stand up, he could lose that heat very quickly ... The bad part about that is when they try to restart him again, now you've got a 50/50 chance of it working, or not working again. Why not ride that wave now that he's hot?"

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