Cody Rhodes Lists The WWE Stars Who Are Giving Modern Babyfaces A Good Name

Many wrestlers may now operate in a grey area as tweeners between being a babyface and a heel, but some are starting to tip into being all-out babyface and proving that the concept of the good guy can still work. When speaking to "NotSam Wrestling," Cody Rhodes tipped his cap to their committed efforts.

"The babyface was an endangered species and now, just look at the landscape," he said. "There's Seth Rollins, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, and there's people popping up left and right in terms of — its not so endangered anymore."

"The American Nightmare" himself could be added to the list with the WWE Universe treating him with plenty of positivity since his return. However, that wasn't the case toward the end of his AEW run. Rhodes would constantly tell people he wasn't turning heel despite the fans' demand for it, but he later revealed that he was doing that as a heel. While he confessed the situation was perhaps too meta to work, he hasn't had to face many boos in WWE thus far.

"The reason I think that the WWE audience took to it in a completely different way, as if they dismissed whatever was happening, and this was just my hope and belief I think it's because they knew what you were seeing was real," he said. "There was always that grey matter and that suspension of disbelief, but I think they knew, 'Oh, his return is more than just an individual returning.'" 

That is something he believes will be enhanced with the release of his upcoming documentary, which Rhodes thinks will show fans a person simply betting on himself — regardless of talent.

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