WWE NXT Women's Champion Tiffany Stratton On Gymnastics Preparing Her For Wrestling

Tiffany Stratton joined WWE in 2021 as a Performance Center recruit with a background in collegiate gymnastics. She has enjoyed a fast ascent, winning the "WWE NXT" Women's Championship — a belt held by the likes of Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair — less than two years after her in-ring debut. Stratton had the chance to discuss her gymnastics background, expanding on the benefits it has had on her WWE career, during an interview with "Sports Guys Talking Wrestling". She said that the sport helped her develop her coordination, strength, and flexibility, providing her with "all the tools you need to be a great athlete and a great athlete within wrestling." However, she explained that gymnastics had also bore another significant lesson:

"But I really feel like the biggest thing I took away from it is the mental strength that it teaches you. In gymnastics you have to be so mentally tough, you have to be able to fight through learning new skills, getting mental blocks, just like flat-out determination and being disciplined and stuff like that. So I think gymnastics has really helped with the mindset that I have today and the view I have on sports and working out, staying disciplined and stuff like that," Stratton explained.

Stratton will have to prepare differently for her title defense at the Great American Bash against Thea Hail, considering that it is going to be fought under Submission Match stipulations. She has teased a deviation from her finisher, "The Prettiest Moonsault Ever," recently, implying that she has a new card up her sleeve.