Mideon Has Dreams Of Being The 'Paul Heyman' For Women's Wrestling

Dennis "Mideon" Knight has been out of the wrestling business for over 20 years. However, he's open to returning to WWE and becoming a manager to one of the rising stars in the women's division.

Speaking on a recent episode of "Oh... You Didn't Know," Knight pitched an idea for the Mideon character in contemporary WWE. While his in-ring days appear to be firmly behind him, he does think that his history with The Undertaker's controversial Ministry of Darkness faction can play a part in helping him nurture a supernatural WWE Superstar.

"In the perfect world, I want to be the Paul Heyman of women's wrestlers. Because it's always like, 'Oh, the little girl manager and the big guy.' So I get the big, old, scary creepy guy where I get the backstory where I have Undertaker's blood in me. But I'm kind of crazy, so I can always lean on that so I go and try to re-enact the Ministry."

Knight provided more details about his idea, saying that Mideon's time in the Ministry of Darkness made him crazy, hence why he became "Naked Mideon" after the group disbanded. After leaving WWE, he found himself cast out and mingling with monsters and evil people in the world's most degrading pits. In the end, the Undertaker could bring back his inner light, and Mideon would use that to help the recently-injured Liv Morgan become the next great supernatural character, albeit based in reality, similar to a cult leader. 

Furthermore, the Undertaker would be Mideon and Morgan's boss. "[I'd] kind of do it a little bit different with like a cult," Knight added. "Not a cult, but a cult where Undertaker is the guy there, but you never see him until it's time."

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