Grayson Waller Reveals How Much Of His WWE Character Is His Real Personality

Since getting called up in the WWE draft a few months back, Grayson Waller has made himself a consistently entertaining part of the company's programming with his talk show segment, The Grayson Waller Effect. Appearing on "Out of Character with Ryan Satin," Waller shed some light on just how close that onscreen persona is to his real self.

"I think if you ask anyone that knows me, they would say that there's almost no difference," Waller said. "I don't particularly think that I play anything. I think this is really just me, but obviously when the red light comes on, it's a little bit amped up. But I don't think there's much difference at all." Waller also revealed that, while he wasn't always as confident as he is today, it is a trait that he developed relatively early in life.

"Growing up and things like that, I was similar to everyone," Waller continued. "Once I started getting into wrestling and that type of thing — once I realized I was good at it, too — that kind of changed things up for me."

The WWE star also discussed the public perception of professional wrestlers, and how today's generation of performers can use the media to form that perception. According to Waller, very few people actually know the real version of himself.

"That's the best thing about Grayson Waller: you're never gonna know the real me," Waller stated. "There's like five people in this world who actually know me, and other than that, you don't know anything." Waller declined to name any of those five individuals, instead preferring to keep his private life private.

Waller recently made his main roster in-ring debut with a match at Madison Square Garden against Edge. The younger star came up short after Edge put Waller away with a spear.

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