Hulk Hogan Recalls Ric Flair's Crazy Request After Surgery With 5% Survival Chance

During a recent appearance on "This Past Weekend," Hulk Hogan recalled Ric Flair's crazy request after undergoing a risky surgery in 2017.

"When he had that really serious health issue, I got a call from Wendy and it didn't look good," Hogan said. "So we got a plane right away, flew up to Atlanta. I walked in and the doctor pulled me aside. He goes, 'Hey, your buddy here has destroyed his body, some of his intestines and stuff inside were dying. He's got a five percent chance of making it through this surgery.'"

Hogan continued, "So he goes in, Jimmy Hart was with me, and we waited and waited. He comes out. He's still alive. His girl's crying, his daughter Ashley's crying, I'm sitting there holding his hand. Five percent chance of making it. He opens his eyes. He looks up and goes, 'Hogan, get me a six-pack.' I went, 'What?' First thing he said to me, 'Get me a six-pack,' when he woke up. I was just tripping, man. It kind of blew my mind."

Hogan also praised Flair for being the best there ever was and for holding down the southern territories while he was headlining Madison Square Garden. But once Flair went to WWE, Hogan wanted him to get over.

"I don't mean to be an egomaniac, but I could actually wrestle anybody at that time," Hogan said. "I mean, we sold out everywhere constantly for years. It didn't matter if I wrestled Flair, Kamala, Paul Orndorff. It wasn't that with me, I wanted him to get over so I would have somebody to work with and chase. For me, it was the old-school thing, the money and the miles. I wasn't really that into being on the road or getting beat on every night, but there was so much paper involved."

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