Taskmaster Kevin Sullivan Stacks WWE's Bloodline Up With 4 Horseman & NWO

WWE SummerSlam is just over a week away, and the main event will see Jey Uso challenge Roman Reigns for both the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship and his position as Tribal Chief. The Bloodline has been one of the hottest acts in wrestling for months now, and former WCW star "Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan recently discussed the group on his podcast, "Tuesday with the Taskmaster."

Sullivan compared The Bloodline to two of wrestling's biggest factions from the past: The Four Horsemen and the New World Order. According to the WCW veteran, each group has certain things in common that he believes help elevate them.

"As you come into modern wrestling, the first [faction] I think about is The Four Horsemen, [then] NWO, and now The Bloodline," Sullivan said. "And I said, 'What do they have in common?' ... Something hit me. I said, 'Four Horsemen — four guys when they're the strongest. NWO — four guys when they're at their strongest — Hogan, Nash, Hall, and Syxx. And then Bloodline — four guys. But they also had a manager, each one of them. J.J. [Dillon], Eric [Bischoff], and Paul [Heyman]. So they had a guy that could kind of lean them back on track in an interview, ... a guy that could create heat without working."

The Secret to Ruining a Successful Faction

According to Sullivan, the winning formula of a successful faction is broken when too many people are added to the group. Sullivan cited Paul Roma joining the Four Horsemen as an example of what he was talking about, stating that Roma just didn't fit in with the existing dynamic. So far, he doesn't see the same problem reflected in the storyline of Roman Reigns and his family.

"The Bloodline hasn't done that, and hopefully they won't," Sullivan continued. "You [look] at the NWO, what we did was — we thought they were over so much that we decided we could put [people] in the NWO and they would get the rub. Little did we know, ... they didn't get the rub quite as well as we thought they were gonna get, and they actually started to [dilute] the NWO."

Sullivan credited WWE's Bloodline story for being able to keep fans invested for a long stretch of time. As a former member of WCW's creative team, Sullivan knows firsthand how difficult that can be.

"It's harder to keep something over than it is to get it over," Sullivan said. "I think that's a big compliment to the Horsemen, the NWO, and The Bloodline today. They've kept the interest in it."