Why Hulk Hogan Was Scared 'To Death' Being In Ring With WWE Legend Andre The Giant

"I could wrestle anybody," Hulk Hogan bragged on the latest "This Past Weekend" with Theo Von. "I never talked about a match, except one time with The Rock and we didn't do anything we talked about." According to the two-time WWE Hall of Famer, there isn't a wrestler that he can't wrestle — but one wrestler absolutely terrified him: Andre The Giant.

"[Andre] scared me to death," Hogan recounted. The former multi-time WWE Champion says Andre would simply reply to any pre-match question from Hogan with "Don't worry about it," leaving "The Hulkster" to stew over what punishment awaited him.

"The hardest thing for me was — the first 8 or 9 years — he didn't like me at all and tortured me," Hogan said, saying that he used to be a "hardheaded" youngster that thought he could fight anybody. "When we got in the ring, he showed me how much he didn't like me."

Hogan says that there was a WWF event in which Andre was especially brutal to him, trying to embarrass Hogan in front of a lady friend. 

"I made the mistake of bringing a flight attendant to the Capitol Center in Washington," Hogan remembered, "and I put her first row and I didn't tell Andre." Hogan says he repeatedly rolled out of the ring to the area in which the flight attendant was sitting, but Hogan's big mistake was breaking kayfabe with the woman.

"He heard her say 'Come on, Terry!' and he figured out she was with me," Hogan said, "and he about killed me. Took me back in the ring ... he tied the bottom and the second rope and put my neck in it, took his size 27 boot ... almost broke my neck in the ropes. Then I had those yellow tights. He picked me up like a damn stork, with my balls and my ass hanging out and carried me around in front of this girl with my junk hanging out."

After the match, Andre reportedly told Hogan "No more girls" sternly, and Hogan immediately acquiesced.

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