Impact Wrestling Results 7/27: Eric Young Vs. Nick Aldis, Loser Leaves Match

Welcome to our live Impact Wrestling Viewing Party. Tonight's show comes from the St. Clair College Sportsplex in Windsor, Ontario.

Our live coverage starts at 8 p.m. ET. Please share coverage of tonight's Viewing Party on social media and chime in with your thoughts in the Comments section below.

Here is what's in store for tonight:

  • Eric Young vs. Nick Aldis
  • Trinity & Dani Luna vs. The Coven
  • Alex Shelley & KUSHIDA vs. Moose & Brian Myers
  • Gisele Shaw vs. Masha Slamovich
  • Loser Leaves Match: Johnny Swinger vs. Zicky Dice

Trinity & Dani Luna vs. The Coven

This week's show kicks off with a video highlighting the events of last week, including the show-closing segment involving Shelley, Alexander, Rush, Kushida, Bully Ray, Moose, and Myers. 

We send it to the ring for our opening tag team match.

Trinity & Dani Luna vs. The Coven

Lock up starts between Trinity and King. King tries to take control but Trinity counters with a hurricanrana followed by a bulldog, cover. Luna gets the tag and attempts a rollup. Luna knocks King down again with a flying elbow before Wilde tags in. Luna tosses Wilde to the mat and then hits a low clothesline into a cover. King drags Luna into the ropes while the ref isn't looking, allowing Wilde to attempt a pinfall.

Wilde chokes Luna before tagging out. King takes control and strikes Luna on the mat a few times. King lands a stalling suplex and tags out. King helps Wilde body drop onto Luna, cover. Wilde chokes Luna again in the ropes before King throws in a cheap shot. King returns with a clothesline and taunts Trinity. King drops Luna with a couple body slams, cover. Luna finally hits a suplex to break free. 

Trinity and Wilde come in hot before Trinity lands a Samoan Drop. Luna comes back in with a massive German suplex. Trinity gets the tag again. She goes up and hits a crossbody from the top, King saves it. Luna gets whipped into the corner before The Coven double teams Trinity. Trinity sends them crashing into each other before Luna takes out King. Trinity hits the full-nelson buster and flips it into a cover for the three.

Winners: Trinity & Dani Luna

Immediately after, Deonna Purrazzo comes down to the ring. She makes it known she wants her Knockouts title rematch at Emergence on August 27.

Loser Leaves Match: Johnny Swinger vs. Zicky Dice

Backstage, Moose and Myers confront Lio Rush. They question why Rush left them hanging last week. Lio questions why they aligned with someone like Bully. Bully Ray walks up and clarifies that he's aligned with Moose and Myers because they all trust each other. Lio reminds them he's not here to make any friends. Bully says Lio is either with them or against them, and he's going to need an answer by the end of the night.

We see a replay of Bravo aligning with Dango last week followed by a new vignette of them speaking on their thoughts of Santino. He also bashes Scott D'Amore for thinking he's 25 again. Dango says Bravo is his personal security now... Alpha Bravo.

Loser Leaves Match: Johnny Swinger vs. Zicky Dice

Swinger hits a finger poke of doom and Dice drops. Swinger goes for the cover, but Dice tries rolling him up instead. Dice goes for another roll-up before Swinger rakes his eyes. They trade eye-rakes until they pull each other's hair. Dice nearly hits a low blow and then slams Swinger to the mat. Dice covers for a two. Swinger rolls out and says that's it. He wants to be counted out. 

Dice stops the ref and chases after Swinger. They argue outside the ring until Swinger pushes Dice in the cart back to the ring. But then Swinger shoves Dice to the floor. He throws Dice back in the ring and stacks on top of him with his feet on the ropes for a three.

Winner: Johnny Swinger

As a result, Zicky Dice must leave the company.

We see footage of Yuya Uemura pinning Kenny King in a tag match on BTI. Backstage, Yuya and Hendry are talking to Santino. Yuya gets it in his head that he can be a champion, but Hendry wants a rematch. Santino books a three-way match for next week.

Gisele Shaw vs. Masha Slamovich

Nick Aldis cuts a backstage promo ahead of his main event against EY tonight.

Gisele Shaw vs. Masha Slamovich

Lock up to start before Masha wraps up Shaw's left arm. Shaw pivots to a headlock, but Masha turns it back around into a left wrist lock. Slamovich gets back up and clotheslines Shaw down. Masha stretches out the left arm again while bending her backwards. Shaw knees out of it, but Masha strikes back. Masha runs to the ropes, but Shaw shoves her out of the ring.

After the break, Shaw delivers a chop and whips Masha across for corner uppercuts, cover. Shaw hits a double knee drop in the corner and attempts a cover again. Shaw applies a chinlock before gloating. She charges Masha in the corner, but Masha gets a boot up to counter. Spinning heel kick connects, Masha covers. Shaw hits Shock and Awe for a nearfall.

Shaw goes for a knee strike but eats a kick to the head, nearfall. Vidal gets up on the apron to distract, but Kelly pulls him off. Evans blasts Kelly from behind. Shaw turns Masha around for a big running knee and manages to pin her for the three-count.

Winner: Gisele Shaw

We see footage of Jake Something beating Kevin Knight last week before a vignette for Jake airs. 

Kazarian is talking to Traci Brooks backstage. Traci wants five minutes with Alisha in the ring. Kazarian cuts her off and thanks her for having his back. The last thing he wants is for her to get hurt. They leave together.

Moose & Brian Myers vs. Time Splitters

Moose charges Kushida to the corner out of the gate before knocking Shelley off his corner. Kushida tries fighting back and manages a springboard elbow. Moose cuts Kushida off with a boot, but Kushida targets the left leg with a dropkick followed by a heel hook. Shelley helps out for a beat before Kushida jumps into the Hoverboard lock. Moose powers out and tags Myers. Kushida slaps Myers and the Time Splitters do a bit of double teaming on both heels.

Myers is taken to Time Splitters' corner where Kushida continues working over the left arm. Shelley does an atomic drop followed by a brief hold to allow Kushida a dropkick. Myers manages to roll out. Shelley chases but gets neutralized by Moose. After the break, Moose and Myers take turns picking Shelley apart. Myers grounds Shelley with a headlock, but Shelley manages to switch it over into a pinfall that Myers can't kick out of.

Winners: Time Splitters

Moose and Myers immediately go on the attack. Bully Ray joins them, so Josh Alexander runs down to make the save. Lio Rush runs down and beats on Shelley until Chris Sabin returns. Rush gets surrounded by all the babyfaces and they all take turns on him until Sabin tosses him out. 

Flashback moment shows us Eric Young beating Nick Aldis for the world title in 2014.

We see a new vignette from Alan Angels as he questions Heath attacking him last week.

Mike Bailey vs. Zachary Wentz

We see footage of The Rascalz causing trouble outside last week as Mike Bailey is walking by. They throw popcorn at Bailey, which leads to a confrontation.

Mike Bailey vs. Zachary Wentz

They start off running and flipping around each other until Bailey grounds Wentz with kicks to the chest. Bailey takes him down with a headlock on the mat. Bailey goes to run the ropes, but Trey grabs his foot. Wentz pulls Bailey into the ropes before rolling back into the ring on him, cover. Wentz drives Bailey into the corner and the delivers a running knee, cover. 

Bailey gets to his feet and hits a dropkick followed by more kicks to the chest. Bailey with a running shooting star, cover. Bailey goes for another cover, but Trey puts Wentz's foot on the rope. Bailey pumpkicks Wentz off the apron and then lands a moonsault to the outside. Trey intimidates Bailey, allowing for Wentz to attack from behind. 

Back inside, they double kick each other. Bailey hits a superkick to counter but doesn't get the tornado kick in as Trey pulls Wentz out. The ref ejects Trey. But while the ref is turned around, Wentz sprays Bailey in the face. He plants him with a headlock DDT and covers for the win.

Winner: Zachary Wentz

It's announced that Motor City Machine Guns, Kushida, and Josh Alexander will face Bully Ray, Moose, Myers, and Lio Rush at Emergence. The three-way Digital Media title bout is also confirmed for next week.

Eric Young vs. Nick Aldis

They start by trading arm holds before EY takes Aldis down with an arm drag. Aldis fires back with a hip toss and then twists the left arm. EY is almost thrown into the ref and then almost out, but EY saves himself. Aldis is almost tossed out as well, but he pulls himself back in. EY goes for a piledriver, so Aldis rolls out to regroup.

After the break, the action spills to the outside where Aldis runs EY back-first into the steel post. Back inside, Aldis goes for a couple pinfall attempts. Aldis rakes the eyes and does a pumphandle toss for another cover. Aldis pivots to a headlock on the mat. EY gets out and keeps Aldis away with a back elbow, boot, and clotheslines. EY lands the belly to belly, cover. 

EY goes up top, but Aldis trips him. Aldis goes up and hits a big superplex for a nearfall. Aldis leaps off the top but EY catches him with an inverted atomic drop. Aldis responds with a Michinoku driver. EY gets launched into the top turnbuckle. EY tries a missile dropkick, but Aldis counters into the cloverleaf. Aldis tries for another lock, but EY rolls him. Back up, EY suddenly pulls out the piledriver for the three.

Winner: Eric Young

After, Deaner and Kon attack EY from behind to pick up their feud. Kon hits two chokeslams. They go to leave, but Deaner tells him one more. Kon hits one more chokeslam before Deaner plants EY with the Antidote DDT.  Deaner sits on Young to end the show.