Why Xavier Woods Wants To See Chad Gable Get A Spotlight In WWE

On "Superstar Crossover," Xavier Woods labeled Chad Gable as the most underrated wrestler in the business right now. The Alpha Academy star is currently thriving in regular televised segments alongside Otis and Maxxine Dupri, but Woods wants to see even more from the former tag team champion.

"I want to see Chad Gable get a spotlight because he deserves one," Woods said. "He's a guy that came in, Olympic level wrestler and fell into this and learned it quick and is athletic, agile, smart, creative, all of these things, so my vote is for Gable."

While Woods believes Gable stands out as the most underrated talent around right now, he also thinks many people fall into that category. However, The New Day member is also adamant that wrestling doesn't owe anybody anything as the sport is its own entity with everyone working to prove what they're capable of.

"I don't think that there's been a time where there's been more talented people across the board in this industry ever," Woods explained. "That's not a slight on the previous generation, but I do believe that each generation that comes before you, it's their job to help you become the best generation of all time."

With that in mind, Woods believes it is up to his generation to help the next one to make the industry better. However, Woods clearly thinks that the industry is in a healthy place overall.

"Right now seeing as many people that are as talented as they are in this industry, it makes me so happy for the future of what we have as pro wrestlers, to see people grow."

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