Konnan Recalls Lesson He Learned From Gory Guerrero, Eddie Guerrero's Father

The definition of professional wrestler and professional wrestling, in general, tends to be a fluid metric, ever-changing, catered to the whims of the fans more than any one specific tradition, which is essentially the advice Konnan recounted on "Keepin' It 100" recently.

"I was very lucky because very, very, very early in my career I figured out what got over in wrestling and I immediately applied it and I knew it wasn't wrestling," the former WCW United States Champion said. According to Konnan, the mindset helped him stand out amongst many performers trying to be wrestlers. Soon Konnan found himself in the home of Eddie Guerrero, putting Konnan face to face with Eddie's father, Gory Guerrero, whom Konnan says was not only the best worker but also the best wrestler.

"So I went to their house because he had a big library full of wrestling books," Konnan continued. "He would have me check them out ... and I remember one time when I was sitting with him I asked him, 'How did you invent the camel clutch?' and he said, 'If I had listened to traditional wisdom, I would've never done it because it went against everything that was traditional in wrestling. Don't be afraid to go outside the box and be original and be creative and different. That's gonna get over more than anything else.' That always stuck with me."

Konnan is now the head booker for the lucha libre promotion AAA but has often expressed his love of many different styles of wrestling, recently praising New Japan Pro-Wrestling's "strong style" for its hard-hitting and logical philosophy.