Vince McMahon Reportedly Behind 'Dirty Dom' And Other WWE Nicknames

When Vince McMahon came out of retirement and returned to WWE earlier this year, he vowed not to get involved in the creative process unless it was to advise the company's tentpole storylines. However, the "Wrestling Observer Newsletter" is reporting that he's the one responsible for WWE Superstars receiving alliterative new nicknames in recent weeks.

According to the report, McMahon came up with Dominik Mysterio's new "Dirty Dom" moniker, as well as "Big" Bronson Reed. As of this writing, the directive has mostly applied to "WWE Raw" Superstars, though Santos Escobar's "Scintillating" nickname suggests that it's bled into the blue brand as well. That said, McMahon has reportedly given up on the recent nickname trend as it's been poorly received, which is why it hasn't affected more "WWE SmackDown" stars.

Of course, this isn't the first time that stories about McMahon mingling in creative have emerged since he returned to the fold. Last month, it was reported that WWE personnel have been trying to "Vince-proof" their plans to avoid him from tampering with them. For example, they've reportedly discovered that he's less likely to change matches if they've been advertised in advance, so they're focused on getting announcements out long before the bouts are scheduled to take place.

However, McMahon was said to have made changes to several matches and storyline segments throughout June, especially on the red brand. Ricochet said that everyone still turns to McMahon for direction, implying that the Executive Chairman of the Board still has the final say over the product. Furthermore, some of the changes administered by McMahon have reportedly left some of the talent feeling frustrated.