Why Brandon Cutler Thinks It Might Be Time To Switch Up His Character In AEW

Throughout Brandon Cutler's run in AEW, he has mainly been presented as a lower-tier talent and essentially a comedy act. Whether it is due to having a losing streak or being The Elite's stooge, Cutler has shown his comedic chops, but he revealed to "Comedy Store Wrestling" that it might be time to switch things up. "There's talk of maybe doing something or maybe not, or like how a lot of things in wrestling and ah maybe nothing happens. I think there is that part of me where I could do something with the dragon again do like a serious wrestling type, or just something completely new that I haven't even thought of." 

Despite that, Cutler also pointed out that the AEW roster is jam-packed with incredible wrestlers with people who are the best at that particular aspect. However, when it comes to comedy there aren't as many names on the roster, which is why it is a good niche. "The game is elevated now, you can't just be kind of good, or like good enough, you need to be top shelf of whatever category you're going for," he said. "So there is that, yeah I'm a good wrestler, but am I the best of what class I'm doing? I'm like, in comedy, I believe I am, I think I can be the top shelf of the comedy guys, so I am like I'll go for that."

However, even though Cutler is considering shaking up his character to be something more serious he does still have one dream match left in the stooge gimmick, which would be against Orange Cassidy. "I think we can have an entire match with both of our hands in our pockets," he said. "I think we could get through an entire match with our hands in our pockets."

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