The Street Profits Elaborate On Root Of New Bobby Lashley Relationship

The Street Profits have been interacting with the cold and calculating Bobby Lashley recently, and in an interview with "Getting Over," Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins say that they're questioning the results of the high road. "There is huge room for more of a demeanor change because the thing that happened to us, the feeling is real," Ford said. "Last year's SummerSlam was the last time on a big stage to go for the tag team championships but we didn't succeed." Ford says it's been nearly a year, and the frustration is becoming palpable.

"Those losses play a lot in my head," Dawkins said, frustrated with the Sisyphean efforts of the team. "You get so close to something and it keeps slipping away." Dawkins says he's sick and tired of waiting. Ford cites Roman Reigns as an example of someone that has found massive success as a steely bad guy, while Ford & Dawkins continue their righteous, unsuccessful path. The team is optimistic though, and in a recent interview Dawkins predicted that The Street Profits will hold tag team gold in WWE by the end of the calendar year.

"This is the year that it comes to fruition," Dawkins told the "513 Podcast" recently. "And then after that, we got to see where it takes us ... We just want to go out there and be the best we can be." The WWE Tag Team Championship scene is currently in flux, as Undisputed Tag Team Champion Kevin Owens is dealing with an injury.