AEW Collision Results 7/29 - MJF & Adam Cole Vs. FTR, Ladder Match For Andrade's Mask

Welcome to Rllegends's live coverage of the July 29 episode of "AEW Collision." Tonight's episode will feature the AEW Tag Team AEW World Champions FTR (Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler) defending their titles against the unlikely duo of Adam Cole and AEW World Champion MJF.

Andrade El Idolo might get his mask back from Malakai Black and the House of the Black — that is if he can beat Buddy Matthews in a ladder match. Also, El Hijo Del Vikingo, Action Andretti, and Darius Martin will face Bullet Club Gold's The Gunns and Juice Robinson in a six-man tag team match. ROH Television Champion Samoa Joe will be in action against Gravity, while Mercedes Martinez will face Kiera Hogan.

We will also hear from Miro, CM Punk, and Ricky Starks on this week's "Collision." With that in mind, let's get underway with the show, which will open with the aforementioned ladder match.

Ladder Match: Andrade Idolo vs. Buddy Matthews

The match starts off with Buddy Matthews going for a kick, but he misses. After a chopping contest, Matthews gives Andrade El Idolo a boot to the face. However, the first memorable moment arrives when El Idolo does a moonsault off the ladder.

Both men head outside and El Idolo slams Matthews' head on the ring apron. They eventually get back into the ring and El Idolo throws his opponent into the ladder. El Idolo then hits Murphy with two suplexes, but the House of Black member stops him from doing a third. Later on, Matthews gets examined by the doctor as it looks like he hurt his shoulder. 

Following a quick commercial break, Matthews gets his shoulder popped back in by Doc Sampson. El Idolo slaps him, but gets thrown into the ladder. They are on the apron and Matthews attempts a powerbomb but misses. Moments later, El Idolo chops Matthews and then DDTs him on the ladder, but he hurts himself more.

Matthews drives El Idolo's skull into the table and grabs a ladder. He goes up for the mask. El Idolo gets up, lifts the ladder, and tips him over. Matthews appears to be done, and El Idolo goes outside the ring and climbs a ladder that's been set up. Matthews starts climbing afterward, only to receive a sunset flip bomb for his troubles.

Matthews handcuffs El Idolo's hand to the ring, but he isn't trapped for long and manages to free himself. El Idolo then handcuffs his opponent and climbs the ladder, but Julia Hart tries to stop him. He is still climbing while Hart is on his back. Matthews breaks free and they start punching each other.

El Idolo pushes him off the ladder but Hart slaps him. So, he grabs her hand and tosses her off the ladder, causing both her and Matthews to go crashing through a table while El Idolo retrieves his mask to win the match.

Winner: Andrade El Idolo

The show cuts to Miro who is with Tony Schiavone, but he gets attacked by Aaron Solo before he can speak to the announcer.

Darby Allin vs. Minoru Suzuki & Samoa Joe vs. Gravity

The match begins with Darby Allin getting the upper hand. Allin bites his opponent's skull and then kicks him off a chair. The bell finally rings, a brawl ensues, and Allin gets the NJPW veteran down for a two-count. Allin keeps striking him until Minoru Suzuki knocks him down. 

Allin gets thrown into the corner and Suzuki kicks him. He then rips at Allin's bandages and chokes him with them. Allin tries for a rollup but doesn't get it. Suzuki knocks him to the ground with a chop. He mocks Allin and puts his arms behind his back and allows Allin to get some offense in. 

Later on, Allin hits Suzuki with a Coffin Drop, only for it to be reversed into a sleeper hold. However, Allin rolls over and pins Suzuki's shoulder to the mat for a three-count.

Winner: Darby Allin

Christian appears on the screen and makes fun of Allin. He says that "things have changed" since he held the AEW TNT Championship before telling him that he's going to send him back to the mall, Hot Topic, or whatever he came from. Afterward, a promo airs of AEW Women's Champion Toni Storm calling out Hikaru Shida ahead of their upcoming match on "AEW Dynamite."

Next up is Samoa Joe against Gravity, who's already in the ring when the former arrives. Gravity is faster than Joe until the "Samoan Submission Machine" kicks him in the midsection followed by an Irish Whip. Joe throws him in the corner and gives him some forearms. Joe mocks him and does his "slow move" thing, followed by some jabs and the Musclebuster to pick up the victory. 

Winner: Samoa Joe

CM Punk speaks

Tony Schiavone starts talking but CM Punk stops him and lets the crowd chant. Punk then goes on and on about people not wanting to talk about things. He says that he's the "first" wrestler to speak about Wembley Stadium. He says maybe he might know if he has a match at AEW All In by the end of the night. He says that Ricky Starks is the reason for what's in the bag. 

He finally lets people see what's in the bag and it's the AEW World Championship. He says that he is the real champion. The crowd boos him. He says that nobody has pinned him for the title and his blood is still on it from when he beat Jon Moxley last September. Punk then pulls out a can of spray paint and puts his X symbol on the championship.

He says that he's straight edge, which means that he is better than everyone else. He says that the title belongs on "Collision" and isn't stolen, unlike his catchphrase. Starks comes out and grabs a mic, telling Punk that he deserves the title that Punk has on his shoulder. He calls himself the face of "Collision" and they agree to face each other next week. The special guest referee will be Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat.

Trios Match & Kiera Hogan Vs. Mercedes Martinez

Bullet Club Gold takes on El Hijo del Vikingo, Darius Martin, and Action Andretti in the next match. The bell rings with Martin and Colten Gunn starting off the bout.

Following a quick break, Vikingo enters and faces Gunn. A cardboard cutout of Jay White is outside of the ring. Andretti then enters the match and hits his opponent with a forearm before dazzling the crowd with a Spanish Fly, Robinson breaks the count. All three members of the Bullet Club Gold are outside and Vikingo hits a senton. However, the match eventually comes to an end when the Gunns hit the 3:10 to Yuma and win. It's a very fast-paced match.

Winners: Bullet Club Gold 

The next match begins with Mercedes Martinez kicking Kiera Hogan and slapping her. Hogan finally gets some offense and drop-kicks her. Martinez counters and hits a Brainbuster, but she only gets a two-count. Hogan goes on the top rope, but Martinez hits a neck breaker and gets a two-count. She controls most of the match and eventually wins by making Hogan tap with a submission hold. 

Winner: Mercedes Martinez via Submission

Post-match, Martinez doesn't break the hold. However, TBS Champion Kris Statlander comes out and helps Hogan, but Martinez attacks her with the title and tells the champ that she's coming for the gold. Willow Nightingale comes out to help the babyfaces and Mercedes backs off.

Main Event: FTR Vs. MJF & Adam Cole

The crowd chants for both teams before the action begins. After the bell rings, Adam Cole and Dax Harwood lock up. Harwood puts Cole in a headlock and then hits him with a few chops. Cash Wheeler tags in afterward and puts Cole in a headlock, but the former Owen Hart Tournament champion gets some momentum back after hitting an enzuigiri. 

MJF gets tagged in but he's slow to do anything. Wheeler tags in Harwood, who hits his opponent with a scoop slam. MJF lands wrong on his ankle and feigns an injury so he can lure Harwood into his trap. Harwood goes to the ropes before MJF can do anything, however, and they push each other back and forth.

Following a quick commercial break, the action continues as Harwood traps MJF in a lock. MJF breaks it and Harwood goes for the sharpshooter, but he doesn't manage to lock it in. Harwood and Wheeler get MJF up in the air but he reverses it deliver a double DDT. A tag is made and Cole re-enters the match, delivering a big boot to Harwood and a back elbow to Wheeler.

FTR Retain, MJF & Adam Cole Still Friends?

Adam Cole tags in MJF and they go for the double clotheslines but it doesn't work out. No matter what they do afterward, they can't keep Dax Harwood or Cash Wheeler down long enough to get the three-count and walk away with the AEW World Tag Team Championships.

Following more back-and-forth action, Cole climbs onto the top rope, but Harwood and Wheeler hit a diving body splash. MJF re-enters the match and gets into an elbow and chopping contest with his opponent. Later, Harwood is trapped in the ropes and he hits him low. Later on, MJF saves Cole from the Big Rig aka Shatter Machine. However, this leads to him being pinned as a result.

Winner: FTR

Post-match, Cole shakes FTR's hands. MJF is upset and says that he blew it. Cole gives him his AEW World Title. He says that he lost the match, but Cole gives him a pep talk. MJF looks like he's going to hit Cole with the belt from behind, but he can't do it. He looks distressed. Cole tells him to do what you got to do. They embrace in the ring. They are still friends and that's the end of tonight's show.