The Street Profits Talk Rumors Of Breakup: 'Never Been Pitched'

The Street Profits have become one of the most reliable acts on WWE programming in recent years, with their blend of in-ring athleticism and charisma cementing them as one of the company's best tag teams. The two-time champions were first called up to the main roster in 2019 and while their singles success has been limited, Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins have stuck solid and are yet to turn heel or go their separate ways on-screen. 

In an interview with "Getting Over: Wrestling Podcast," Ford was quizzed on whether or not there had been discussions backstage regarding a potential split between the pair and gave an emphatic response to questions over their future. 

"It's never been anything that's been pitched or anything like that," he said. "There were a couple of instances where we felt like they were teasing it a little bit. There's been instances where people have tried to come in and add their two cents and try to make it seem like it was going a certain way, but it never led that way. I'm very fortunate that it didn't, but you know how people are – they like to stir the pot."

Over the years, The New Day is the prime example of a team staying together throughout the majority of their WWE tenure, with Ford also pointing to entertainment away from the squared circle where splitting up isn't always the answer. 

"I will say... it is a trend. It's always one of the big arcs to happen and it's always a good storyline trait to add to a tag team," he said. "There are ones that are still very successful without any beef. If you look at rap groups back in the day, they'll start off as a group and one will go solo and they'll come back and still do like a combined a project."