Montez Ford Was Happy For Chance To Do Something By Himself At WWE Elimination Chamber

Earlier this year, Montez Ford had a star-making solo performance in the men's Elimination Chamber match at the PLE of the same name. However, while the bout allowed him to showcase his skills as a solo star in a main event spotlight, he isn't in any hurry to break out on his own. That said, he is happy that he was given the opportunity to prove himself and test his abilities.

"For me, it was motivating to know that I could do something like that in that environment, solo-wise," Ford told Getting Over: Wrestling Podcast. "Elimination Chamber is a very difficult match, there's five other superstars involved, very strenuous. A lot of things going on. So, I was just happy that I was able to do something like that on my own."

In the end, Ford didn't walk away with the victory. However, the Street Profits member claimed that he wasn't unhappy about not receiving the win and a solo push as a result. According to Ford, he still has things that he wants to accomplish alongside Angelo Dawkins, and he knows that his patience will pay off down the line.

"Like the boss says, 'Good things come to those who wait.' So, it's not a rush for anything. Anything that's been placed in front of us, or me, is just looked at as a task to your best."

Furthermore, Ford believes that the Elimination Chamber allowed him to showcase more layers of his character and abilities. The WWE Superstar doesn't want Street Profits to break up either, and he recently revealed that the idea hasn't been pitched to them. Instead, he hopes that they can remain a unit while branching off to do solo projects every once in a while.