Vince Russo Criticizes Cody Rhodes For Crying During WWE Raw Promo

Former WWE writer Vince Russo has hit out at Cody Rhodes for crying in his promos on "WWE Raw."

Russo was a recent guest on "Busted Open," where he explained that casual fans — like him — don't want to see wrestlers cry.

"Cody, get therapy, man. Every freaking week, this guy is going out, cutting promos, he can't get through a promo without crying," said Russo. "Casual wrestling fans, we don't want to see wrestlers cry, bro. We want to see men's men, we want to see wrestlers, we want to see testosterone, bro. We don't want to see namby-pamby crybabies."

Russo referenced "The American Nightmare's" recent promo on "Raw," where an emotional Rhodes stated that he can't give the world title to his late father, Dusty Rhodes, but he can still give it to his mother and his wife.

"What, Cody? You're going to give your mother a prop that you didn't win? And you're going to get all choked up about it?" asked Russo.

Russo then trained his gun toward "Busted Open" presenter Dave LaGreca, who has been a vocal Cody Rhodes fan.

"Dave, I love you to death, but how anybody can be a fan of this guy as a babyface, bro, crying over a prop ... Bro, he's got himself convinced that he's going to really win a match and have a real title and, 'I'm gonna give this title to my mom and my dad, even though he's not here, he is gonna be proud.'"

Russo believes that Rhodes is relatable to kids because he and they have something in common: they cry all the time. He added that the "Rhodes To The Top" TV show that Rhodes and his wife Brandi were a part of during their time in AEW convinced him that they are the most "unlikeable people on the planet," reiterating that Rhodes has to be a heel