Scott Steiner Recalls Reaction To AEW's MJF Honoring His Legendary Math Promo

During the build-up to his match on the 2023 "Grand Slam" edition of AEW "Dynamite," then-AEW World Champion MJF calculated the chance Samoa Joe had of beating him at Arthur Ashe Stadium. According to MJF, the numbers didn't lie, the same way that WWE Hall of Famer Scott Steiner didn't lie about his numbers in 2008 when he also told Joe that there was no way that he would beat him at that year's TNA Sacrifice pay-per-view. The legendary "Steiner Math" promo has become one of modern wrestling history's most talked about promos, and during a Q&A session at the "For The Love of Wrestling" convention, the speech's originator admitted that he got a kick out of hearing MJF recite his famous promo. 

"The story behind that is as much as I wanted to entertain the fans, I always wanted to entertain myself," Steiner said. "I always wanted to make myself laugh, and as a matter of fact, when MJF repeated that interview for made me laugh. So it was just something I came up with, the numbers made sense, I didn't realize that it would be around to this day, but people loved it, it's a great thing...the numbers don't lie."

As little of a chance Joe had of beating Steiner and Kurt Angle (who would end up being replaced by Frankie Kazarian) at Sacrifice, Joe managed to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. However, he wasn't so lucky when he faced MJF in September 2023, as Friedman did some extra calculations to walk out of New York as the AEW World Champion.

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