Why Vince Russo Isn't A Fan Of Cody Rhodes' Quest To 'Finish The Story' In WWE

Only a little more than three weeks remain before Cody Rhodes attempts to finish the story once more by defeating Roman Reigns at Night Two of WrestleMania 40 to win the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship and claim a WWE World Title that his father, Dusty Rhodes, was never able to win. While the story has captivated many within the wrestling industry since Rhodes made his intentions clear about returning to WWE, it's a story that hasn't worked for Vince Russo.

Appearing on "Busted Open Radio," the former WWE, WCW, and TNA creative member explained why he didn't care for Rhodes' story, and it has to do with the fact that, while he did wrestle for the WWF Title back in the day, Dusty Rhodes' quest was never to win a major title in the promotion.

"This freaking 'I've got to finish my story' that he made up and created, like somehow, some way, his dad Dusty was screwed in the WWE...bro, when did that happen?" Russo said. "I watched this show when Vince Sr. used to bring in Dusty to the WWWF as an attraction. He was an attraction bro. The dude never fought for the title. He was a Florida/Atlanta guy. He was an NWA guy. He had nothing to do with the WWWF then. 

"When Vince [Jr.] did Polka Dot Dusty, bro, Dusty was never involved in any kind of a title picture, where he got screwed out of something. So this story he's made up about 'I'm doing this for my dad,' like the WWE screwed Dusty and Dusty should've been the guy, but for some reason [wasn't], what is this freaking guy talking about? Dusty was never an East Coast guy bro. Ever."

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